Sus condiciones de envío.

Los paquetes son generalmente enviados en 48 horas después de la recepción de su pago. Por defecto se envían sin nro. de seguimiento (economy). Si desea un envío certificado con nro. de seguimiento, seleccione “envío standard, en este caso le proporcionamos el nro. de seguimiento una vez puesto el envío.
Los gastos de envío incluyen el embalaje, la manipulación y envío. Se calculan dependiendo del peso total.

Solo nos responsabilizamos de los envíos standard. Del envío económico no se responsabiliza ni Correos, por lo tanto nosotros no nos podemos hacer responsables.

International orders (outside CEE): We do not issue phytosanitary certificates which are some times needed to ship for foreign countries.  It cost us a great deal to have a certificate issued because the Agricultural Inspector (for a fee) must come out to inspect the shipment and the process involved is not cost effective for us.  If you buy seed from us, have it shipped to a foreign country and it is rejected it will be at your own expense. We will not be responsible for rejected or "lost" orders.  You will not receive a refund or ANY form on compensation.  All foreign orders are shipped at you own risk.  We are very sorry, but we do not have any control over foreign governments seed quarantine practices.  Many times the shipment is destroyed or kept in unsuitable conditions for seeds so even if it is returned to us it can not be resold.  We cannot accept this loss.